[1 of 4] What is the Relationship Between Attachment and Complicated Grief?

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[1 of 4] What is the Relationship Between Attachment and Complicated Grief?

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Today, I would like to share a video with you regarding a topic that is near and dear to my heart: Complicated Grief.

A member of our private Facebook community asked the question, to paraphrase, “What is the relationship between attachment and complicated grief?”

It was my own experience of complicated grief, after suffering a heartbreak and miscarriage, losing my job, and caring for sick family members--that led me down the research rabbit hole of attachment.

This is what ultimately led to editing and co-authoring my first published book, Complicated Grief, Attachment and Art Therapy.

Complicated Grief is a prolonged experience of grief that does not abate with treatment for depression.

Neurological research shows that individuals who experience complicated grief, have both pain and pleasure pathways activated in their brains, when they think of the subject of loss.

This suggests their grief allows them to remain attached to a lost individual, as opposed to facilitating a processing of integrating the loss, and moving on from it.

In this video, I also discuss the 5 koshas, or energetic “sheaths,” that surround the physical body, and how our energy can become increasingly dense, creating positive or negative manifestations in the body and the world of physical form, depending on our willingness to acknowledge the importance of these “sheaths.”

More specifically, some of the topics I address are...

0:06: What do we do to heal complicated grief?

1:56: Being on fire about life even if you’re not in a romantic relationship

2:15: Research on how our experience of complicated grief lives in the same part of the brain as attachment

5:50: 5 Koshas, or energetic “sheaths” that surround the physical body

11:35: Mourning the loss of your connection and "the little death"--cut cords always grow back

14:28: Living in both an inner and outer world

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