3 Steps To Recover From Betrayal & Deceit

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3 Steps To Recover From Betrayal & Deceit

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If you are someone who has had the difficult experience of being lied to, or betrayed, or intentionally deceived in some fashion, and you find it difficult to feel confident in your ability to attract and inhabit healthy relationships, you’re going to want to read this.

Because, when this happens, it creates a deep feeling of helplessness and distrust, and it feels as if our power to make informed decisions has been taken away.

Unfortunately, often times we have learned early in life that the best way to regain a sense of personal agency, is to turn it in on ourselves, and blame ourselves for “being so stupid” and wearing our heart on our sleeves, when we should have been more careful.

Victim blaming is a real thing, and it's not just from the outside. Often, it is the most painful, when the accusatory voice comes from within.

And so, if you have ever struggled to feel trusting and hopeful about finding a sincere partner, this next 10-minute video segment is one you won’t want to miss.

I am going to offer you a 3-step process to recover from betrayal and deceit, as well as a positive self-statement and reframing intention that will help reverse a cycle of self-doubt and critical, negative thinking.

This topic was inspired by a question posed in my online community:

“I have a fear of being connected to a partner, because deep down, I am afraid that they will think I am stupid for believing their lies. I think that if I believe the con artist’s lies, then the con artist has won. If I don’t believe the lies, than the con artist has lost. It’s like a game of chess; always a battle of winning and losing. And this becomes my perception of love and the dating scene.”

To respond to this statement, I apply a three step process for cognitive reframing.

We restate this question, using words that express the fear it reflects.

Once we identify the fear, we break down the myths and falls premises this fear has lead you to believe.

Once you recognize the false premises, we move away from fear and towards your desire, by creating new statements of intention that provide a more empowering and self-sovereign perspective.

Click the link to watch the video! And leave your comments below in the thread.

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