[4 of 4] Secure Attachment & The Mind/Body Connection

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[4 of 4] Secure Attachment & The Mind/Body Connection

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How many times have you heard the advice, “You should be single and working on yourself, before pursuing another relationship.”

Or maybe you have thought to yourself, “How am I supposed to improve my relationships without actually being in relationship to someone else?”

Have you ever felt like beating your head against the wall, when one answer seems to contradict another?

I propose there is no one solution. And you may move through periods of experience where being alone is healthy, and then being in partnership is healthy.

Life and the way you experience it is not static. We are meant to be expanding and contracting. Spiraling through contrasting experiences that allow us to grow and expand in new and exciting ways, through a variety of circumstances and relationships.

Knowing what phase of the journey you are on, in your personal journey, and what comes next for you, is a deep wisdom you always have; its just waiting to be accessed.

Attending to the mind-body connection, can help.

In this video I touch upon moving towards a place of secure attachment, and the mind/body connection.

I also discuss what I consider to be the attachment paradox, which is that anxious people are also avoidant, and vice versa.

A few subtopics you will find in this video:

0:25: Is it harder to move towards secure attachment while being single or in a relationship?

1:30: Getting in touch with the mind body connection

3:20: The Attachment Paradox

5:03: Needing boundaries in order to find your center

8:30: Necessary practices to move into secure attachment

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