5 Steps to Embrace Your “Crazy”

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5 Steps to Embrace Your “Crazy”

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

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Have you ever felt like the more you learn, the more depressed and hopeless you feel about your romantic situation?

Like, "Oh, great. Another theory that proves just how F@#cked up I am, and how I will never find love."


That's a pretty common phase to go through, when you are first learning about attachment styles.

This video is for you, if you feel like you've been clubbing yourself over the head with new insights and information.

I call it, " 5 Steps to Embrace Your Crazy."

'Crazy,' of course, is tongue-in-cheek.

You are not crazy. You are in process. And this video walks you through five steps to help you embrace where you may be, in process.

1. Acknowledge the craziness

2. Assess the craziness

3. Learn new skills to organize the craziness

4. Apply what skills you’ve learned, and master them

5. Throw out the rule book, and forget everything you’ve learned

Check it out, and let me know your comments and questions!

(I will be popping in to address them with a livestream series at the end of the month.)



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