6 Signs of a Secure Relationship
  • Briana MacWilliam

6 Signs of a Secure Relationship

Updated: Mar 6

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If you've been deep into self-help and personal development to help improve your love life, you've probably absorbed a ton of information about how things can go wrong... but how will you know when things are going right?

You've probably taken some quizzes and assessments to determine exactly the "dysfunction" you or your partner brings (or brought) to the table, and are hopeful that you can start healing what wounds need tending.

Online and in bookstores you have probably found solutions abound to help you fix what's "wrong," but to what end?

At this point, if you've been struggling with insecure attachment and roller coaster dynamics in your relationships, and taken a lot of time to dig deep into yourself, you could probably write a thesis on what isn't working...

But how would you know when it IS?

Often, when we struggle with insecure attachment, we haven't had healthy models for what secure attachment looks like. We probably "get it" theoretically speaking, and have a powerful fantasy of what that might look like, but few of us have actually ever seen it in action.

Which means, it may be up to you to create and hold a healthy image of what you truly want in your mind, and in your experience, so that you can call in a soul-shaking partnership that would light your heart on fiyah!

If this sounds like you, you are going to want to watch this video, because we are going to talk about 6 signs of a secure relationship, and give you a bunch of bullets to help you recognize it, when it finally manifests for you!


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