7 Foolproof Steps to Make Dating Fun

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7 Foolproof Steps to Make Dating Fun

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

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If you have ever struggled with dating because...

⭐You worry you aren’t reading the signals right.

⭐You attach yourself to a partner too quickly.

⭐Think you have to like someone, just because they like you.

⭐Struggle to sift through your own confusing feelings well enough to set comfortable boundaries.

⭐And/or beat yourself up over not being “good enough” or desirable enough to actually have fun in the dating scene…

Today’s video is for you.

During our livestream event on YouTube, I shared 7 Foolproof Steps to Make Dating Fun.

  1. Identify the fear

  2. Realize what the fear is actually suggesting

  3. Notice the desire on the backside of that fear

  4. Create a new belief statement around that belief

  5. Use proof from your real, lived experience, even extrapolated from unrelated activities and events

  6. Install those beliefs

  7. Become a treasure hunter, using 4 questions to guide your discoveries…

These steps are the answer to several common questions I see popping up in my online community, and those are...

💙How do you create a safe place within yourself when you start dating or meeting new people again?

💙Where is the line between my partner acting avoidant vs him acting normal, but me having my anxious stuff around it?

💙How do I know when I am having a real, intuitive gut feeling, or just experiencing reactive anxiety and attachment issues?

💙How do I know if my feelings are real?

After that, we explore a guided meditation to install positive beliefs about your possibilities for love!

So, check out the video, and leave a comment below!


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