A Spiritual Approach to Healing Attachment Styles

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A Spiritual Approach to Healing Attachment Styles

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What if I told you that trying to “heal” actually keeps you wounded?

Last month, we explored this concept more in-depth, and it sparked a few really good questions from my list and YouTube subscribers.

Essentially, I explained that if you think you need to “heal” something, it means you are in a state of non-acceptance of who you are in this very moment, and still striving to prove your worthiness by getting from point A to point B.

But this is problematic, because it is a perpetuation of the same emotional abandonments and disallowances (i.e. forms of conditional love and self-worth) that landed you in the difficult circumstance in which you may find yourself.

As a result of our livestream event and subsequent discussion, the follow up question was raised:

What do you mean when you say "healing" is counter-productive? If that is the case, what is pain?

In this video, we explore "healing" as a counter productive concept in terms of self-improvement, and delve into what emotional and psychic pain actually is.

To do this, we must explore concepts of "Spirit" and how the ego mind contends with the wisdom of your own inner knowing.

If you'd like to learn more about this, checkout this 10-minute video clip I did from a Livestream Q & A, on the topic.

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