[Anxious Attachment] 3 Traits of an Irresistible Lover & Why “Trying” Doesn’t Work
  • Briana MacWilliam

[Anxious Attachment] 3 Traits of an Irresistible Lover & Why “Trying” Doesn’t Work

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If you're struggling to get a partner’s attention, and feeling resentful over how little your partner seems to appreciate you, this video segment is for you.

Today, I am going to share the painful truth about why everything you’ve been doing doesn’t work, and 3 traits of an irresistible lover. This video explains how you can get a lover to go from, “you’re just too good for me” to “you make me want to be a better person.”

To begin, what does it take to be an irresistible lover?

The radical truth about being an irresistible lover, is that is has nothing to do with...

  • How many degrees you have.

  • What a great conversationalist you can be.

  • How pretty or handsome you look.

  • Your fabulous fashion sense.

  • The size of your bank account.

  • How good you are in bed.

  • Or how well you can predict and meet a partner’s needs without them having to lift a finger.

And so, every minute you spend trying to "impress" a partner, or "take care of them," or “save” them, or play the role of surrogate therapist, or do ANYTHING that suggests you need to prove yourself in some fashion - is essentially a waste of your time and energy, and will BACKFIRE on you!

And it backfires in one of two ways:

  1. You attract a lukewarm partner that goes along with it, for a while (because you make oh, so easy for them).

  2. Or, you attract a fiery partner who, at first, appears all in, and then they are abruptly, all out.

When you focus on simply being in the moment and enjoying a lover’s company and attention, you automatically shift your vibe so that they can feel relaxed enough to step into “beingness” with you. And that is irresistible, because it's what we all want; to be seen and understood for who we are, not for what someone else wants and needs us to be.

And so, the three traits of an irresistible lover include:

  1. The ability to receive

  2. The ability to set and sustain personal boundaries

  3. The ability to self-advocate

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