Anxious Partners: 5 Explosive Trigger Statements to Avoid and What To Say Instead

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Anxious Partners: 5 Explosive Trigger Statements to Avoid and What To Say Instead

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Do you struggle with communication in your relationship, and wish you had a fun and easy roadmap to help you connect with your partner without sacrificing your personal boundaries or feeling like you have to give up too much of your personal space?

Believe it or not, relationships can be fun, supportive, and deeply satisfying.

They do require effort, but they’re not supposed to be work.

Loving relationships are a refuge from work!

The good news is, you don't have to be perfect before attracting, recovering or revitalizing the perfect love in your life.

You just need to know how to communicate in a way that your partner understands, and still gets your needs met.

Not always easy for an avoidant Rolling Stone who may struggle with knowing what their needs are exactly, and then being able to articulate them in a way that doesn’t come across as callous, uncaring or too aloof.

And this is particularly true if you have an anxious open hearted partner, who is hypersensitive to these types of communications.

And so, If you are an avoidant Rolling Stone that struggles to get your point across without hurting anybody’s feelings…

Or, even if you are an anxious Open Heart that wants to teach your partner how to communicate with you better…

You’re gonna wanna stick around for this video. Because we are going to explore 5 trigger statements that avoidant Rolling Stones often use, that usually light a fuse for anxious open hearts. AND we are going to make some suggestions on what to say instead.

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