Are They Avoidant, or Just Not That Into Me

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Are They Avoidant, or Just Not That Into Me

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Have you ever dated someone who seemed like they were interested, but for some reason, you are left with a nagging doubt about just how much they really dig you?

They initiate enough contact to be polite and sustain the connection, but not enough to trust the butterflies in your stomach.

Maybe they don’t respond right away to your text messages, but they do eventually respond, and with a perfectly reasonable reply.

Maybe they show some physical affection, but appear shy of going all the way...Or maybe you’ve gone all the way, but nothing else in the relationship seems to have changed or deepened, as a result of it.

They make time for you once or twice a week, but you can’t tell if its because they are excited to see you, or they just don’t have anything else going on, and they find you companionable enough.

If you are an open heart, especially, you are likely to be confused by behavior like this. Probably, you are used to stars and fireworks in the beginning of a relationship.

But, you are convinced you want to try a slow and steady approach to dating (this time around), though it's hard to know where you stand with what feels like lukewarm behavior.

You might even wonder if this potential lover has more of an avoidant attachment style, (what I call a Rolling Stone), and is afraid to commit, or withholding their deeper feelings.

If this sounds like you, you’ll want to watch this 10-minute video, because I am going to highlight 4 myths and false premises that underlie this type of question, and suggest a way to navigate your way through!

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