[Attachment] The Best Way to Manage Jealousy

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[Attachment] The Best Way to Manage Jealousy

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If you have ever found yourself feeling jealous and wrapped up in what an ex has, but you don't, this is the video for you.

This video was inspired by the following question in my online community:

"What’s the best way to manage feelings of jealousy of a former partner?"

Jealousy is really about feeling diminished by paying too much attention to someone else's experiences, as a barometer for your own value.

What is going on in someone else’s life, is NOT more important than what is going on in YOUR life.

When you are jealous, it is your inner being trying to show you how awful that feels, because it is a mis-prioritization.

If you are feeling jealous, its likely you've been knocked off your center by a painful experience, and now its hard to see yourself as the hero of your own story, again.

In this video, I talk about how you can refocus your energy, so that you can step into your own story as the star of the show, again.

I also make a few book recommendations on how to cope with jealousy.

To explore this topic further, check out the video!


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