Does Getting Back With an Ex Impair Growth

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Does Getting Back With an Ex Impair Growth

Updated: Mar 6

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When you are attempting to "grow," whether it is in terms of personal development or in the context of a relationship, it is normal to experience a sense of "relapse" or "regression" as a part of that process.

Psychodynamic theorists and therapists would refer to this as "regression in service of the ego."

Basically, it means that with increasing mental, emotional and spiritual maturity, you will find yourself revisiting old stuff.

“Why? I dealt with that. I thought it was over and done with.”

Because now, with a far broader perspective, you are equipped to integrate old material with new understandings.

And the richness of your experience can only be expanded upon.

In the context of a love relationship, sometimes when two people get together the first time, they don't have the tools to weather the storm.

So, they must take their separate journeys to find those tools.

If they have a chance to come back together, and find they are still attracted to one another, and are able to use the tools they have gained to foster deepening intimacy, then getting back with an ex can actually be a way to PROPEL and foster growth.

Of course, without the kind of deep work we are discussing (for both parties), there is always a risk of falling back into old patterns.

Is it worth the risk?

That depends on where you may be in your process.

Sometimes, you don’t need to learn an old lesson all over again.

And at other times, the only way out is through.

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