Escaping Unhealthy Patterns in Love

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Escaping Unhealthy Patterns in Love

Updated: Mar 6

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Often, when we make the decision to change something about ourselves or our lives, it is not well received.

Lovers, friends, family members, they all want you to stick with the established routine, because that is what they are used to.

It’s what they’ve come to expect from you.

And human beings prefer to know what to expect, even if they expect the worst.

So, they are reluctant to truly support you changing, because if you change in relationship to them, something about them will have to change in relationship to you, too.

You have to remember that everything and everyone in your environment is really the culmination of an older version of you; who you have been up until this moment, when you decided you wanted to be something else.

And so, people are either going to get with the program, or they will fight against it, or they will excuse themselves from it. But more often than not, it isn’t easy.

This can be a painful process of culling down what and who no longer serves you. It is also why so many of us get stuck in unhealthy patterns of living and loving, because our partners, our jobs, our kids, our family members, and our friends often collude to maintain the status quo, not change and move in unknown directions.

But don’t let it stop you.

Give it a little time, and eventually the new you will become the “regular” you again, and the people that really belong in your life will start to see and understand where you were coming from, in the first place.

In this 6 minute video, we talk more about these topics and offer you some inspiration, if you are at a crossroads in your personal growth process.

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