From Confusion to Clarity: The Radical Truth About Why You’re Still Single

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From Confusion to Clarity: The Radical Truth About Why You’re Still Single

Updated: Mar 6

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If you are out there in the dating game, you may have experienced feelings of frustration.

People are dishonest about their looks, height, weight, job, and interests on dating profiles.

People will make plans with you, and then call at the time of your rendez vous, pretending like they didn’t know you were supposed to get together.

People will send you sexy texts and provocative photos, before they’ve had a chance to get to know you.

You might feel as though you’ve met someone with whom you had a predestined, euphoric connection, and then the person ghosts you, 3 weeks in.

You’ve read all the books.

You’ve bought all the coaching packages.

You’ve taken up yoga and took a pottery class.

You’ve done everything right!

So why are you still single?

Today’s livestream event addresses this very question.

I’m not gonna lie, today’s event was a very rich and robust info dump. It’s not snappy or pithy.

And its not short.

It’s not a list of bullets about red flags; in fact, it's quite the opposite of that.

But if you’ve really struggled with this question, trust me, this video will be worth the time you invest in watching it.

I hope you enjoy!


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