[Insecure Attachment] 4 Signs It's Safe to Be Vulnerable
  • Briana MacWilliam

[Insecure Attachment] 4 Signs It's Safe to Be Vulnerable

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If you’ve been hearing all the buzz over how amazing vulnerability is, and how you have to be vulnerable to experience authentic in relationships, but this whole notion of ‘vulnerability’ leaves you feeling confused and scratching your head, or maybe even shivering in revulsion, you’re gonna wanna read this email.

Vulnerability is a great thing, yes... But it is not always safe to be vulnerable.

And when we don’t have a good sense of our personal boundaries, or we are easily flooded with emotion, we can sometimes equate vulnerability with a form of emotional leakage, which spills out uncontrollably, in inappropriate situations.

On the other hand, we might wall ourselves up and miss out on genuine opportunities for connection, while pissing people off.

Perhaps we struggle to read the room, and so we say or do things that push people away, rather than inspire their admiration, because they feel kinda dumped on, on the one hand, or alienated and rebuffed, on the other.

And that leaves us susceptible to damaging reprisals, and/or social stigma.

In this video, I walk you through a very relatable story about Tricia and Andy, who were caught in the anxious-avoidant trap, and really struggled with their boundaries. As a result, their relationship blew up in a very public way.

A knowledge of when and where vulnerability is best expressed, could have saved their relationship. To learn more, check out the video!

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