[Insecure Attachment] How to Avoid Emotional Dumping

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[Insecure Attachment] How to Avoid Emotional Dumping

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If you have ever struggled with managing your feelings--i.e. knowing how much is okay to share, versus when it becomes more like emotional dumping--this is the video for you.

This topic was inspired by the following question posted in my Facebook community:

"How do I deal with feeling like I HAVE to do something, when I have strong emotions? What if I tend to dump them on my partner?"

Ultimately, the line between a sharing emotions in a way that deepens intimacy, versus emotionally dumping on a partner (and scaring them off), comes down to an ability to navigate flexible boundaries.

Part of cultivating healthy, flexible boundaries is working directly with the energy or "charge" that is tied up in the emotional content.

Through creative approaches, you can titrate this energy in gentle, fun and playful ways!

To explore this topic further, checkout this 10 minute video, and let me know your questions and comments below!

*NOTE: The playlist on "Boundaries" mentioned in this video is no longer publicly available, but the content is slated to be distributed as part of a paid course in August of 2019. Keep an eye out for it!

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