[Insecure Attachment] The Radical Truth About Unfulfilled Potential
  • Briana MacWilliam

[Insecure Attachment] The Radical Truth About Unfulfilled Potential

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If you find yourself caught in a relationship where you are hung up on the “potential” of your partner, and it's gotten to the point where this ‘potential’ is the only thing keeping you hanging on for dear life, because you cannot stomach the idea of your partner living a “less-than” existence without you around to push, drag, poke, motivate, or otherwise inspire them to become what you consider to be the best version of themselves, this email is for you.

First, let’s address a basic premise: yes, partners can change. And they can be inspired to do so. They can even be inspired by YOU!

But it is almost never because of the sacrifices you have made for them. Or what you think is their potential.

By changing some fundamental things about…

* The way you perceive the world...

*The way you express yourself and your feelings...

*The way you behave…

You can change the way YOU qualitatively experience your life and relationships.

And sometimes, you can raise your vibration so high, your partner is shifted towards your trajectory, too. They are inspired by your SELF ADVOCACY.

Importantly, however, if they do not, then that is good information too.

Because that means there truly is a compatibility issue, and the presumed “potential” that has kept you locked in a stagnant situation, will remain just that, potential--which by its very nature is unrealized.

And that’s okay.

That may be the experience that particular soul is here on earth to understand.

Unrealized potential can be as much of a soul purpose, as realized potential.

Because its all information.

It’s all a facet of experience.

And all facets are worthy of investigation.

But not all facets are compatible with what you specifically are here to investigate.

I know this can sometimes be a hard pill to swallow. So, I invite you to check out this 6-minute video, where I give you a metaphor to help you see how even “unfulfilled” potential contributes to the ecosystem of our collective consciousness.

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