[Insecure Attachment] The Truth About Rescuers in Love & 4 Questions to Break the Habit

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[Insecure Attachment] The Truth About Rescuers in Love & 4 Questions to Break the Habit

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

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If you have ever found yourself caught in a relationship dynamic where you are always playing the role of rescuer or savior to your partner, or you seem to always attract partners that want to save or rescue you, I invite you to check out my most recent video posted to YouTube:

[Insecure Attachment] The Truth About Rescuers in Love & 4 Questions to Break the Habit

This video was inspired by a question that popped up inside my private Facebook group this month...

Do you find people with the avoidant attachment style or anxious attachment style, are more likely to take on the roll of the rescuer? If so, I wonder why that is? It seems to be a theme with all the avoidants I’ve come to know.

Using a psycho-spiritual approach with creative arts interventions, I help individuals struggling with insecure attachment go from confused and fearful to achieving self-sovereignty and calling in the soul-shaking, passionate partnerships they want, without having to talk in circles around their feelings for years on end, with no tangible result.

I call this approach, The MAC Method ™. The MAC method is comprised of basically three steps, 1) Cognitive Reframing, 2) Body Activation, and 3) Arts-Based Experientials.

This video is also intended to spoil some misconceptions, and support cognitive reframing.

Specifically, I want to expand on the idea that playing the role of rescuer is not so much about always attracting or being attracted to the wrong partners, so much as it is playing out your own internalized worthiness issues, in your romantic relationships.

I also explain how both anxious and avoidantly attached individuals can end up playing the role of rescuer, and also suggest 4 questions to ask yourself, so you can break the habit.

In other words, what attracts you to this role may be a reflection of the conflicts within you, and therein lies the deeper lessons and meaning you might derive from the experience, and a path by which you may regain your personal power.

Here’s a sneak peek of those four questions, to help you figure this out...

  1. How has the rescuer role has served you?

  2. How has it manifested itself in your relationship specifically? Meaning, how have you responded to conflict in this dynamic?

  3. What allowances have you afforded your partner, that you would not afford yourself, in this relationship? (Meaning, you may have found yourself forgiving certain behaviors of your partners, but you would never allow yourself to act in such a way.)

  4. Why and how, now, is this dynamic no longer serving you?

Be sure to check it out, and leave your comments below!



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