The Radical Truth About the Energy of Love vs. The Energy of Success

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The Radical Truth About the Energy of Love vs. The Energy of Success

Updated: Mar 6

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Most of my single clients and members of my online community reject the image of being at home alone, sitting on their hands, waiting to be rescued.

Instead, they’ve gone out and created a robust and abundant life for themselves.

They enjoy spending time with friends.

They spend their leisure time enjoying exercise, reading books, dabbling in passion projects, and seeing a good movie every now and then.

They are also well versed in self-help and personal development, and maybe even attend retreats or the occasional out-of-town seminar on topics that interest them.

Sometimes they even feel as though they have accomplished most of what they’ve wanted out of life.

They feel they are smart, accomplished, and independent.

And they are!

But there’s something missing: and that is, a partner to share it with.

They may find themselves wondering,”How can I be so capable in every other area of my life, but not this one? Why is it that things always seem to start out promising, but then fizzle or ghost out of existence?”

I’ll tell you why.

Because the energy that is required to accomplish that which feels productive in life, does not always translate into the energy that will allow you to be successful in LOVE.

And what is the difference???

Well, that is what we talked about in today’s livestream event!

Watch it here:

P.S. This replay is a continuation of our exploration of the three steps on how to magnetize lovers with staying power after being ghosted.

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