Why Me? Why Now? Hope, and Attachment Styles in Context

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Why Me? Why Now? Hope, and Attachment Styles in Context

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Dearest Subscriber,

I am SO excited to share with you today’s video clip of my interview with Daniel and Priya from Everyday Resonance.

They had a fabulous question for me:

Why is this important to have a knowledge of attachment styles, in conscious relationships?

Many wonderful self-help and personal development books have touched upon attachment styles in the past couple decades, and spent a great deal of effort outlining observable behaviors and attitudes that illustrate these styles, categorically.

Although, the more you learn about it the more you realize its much more dynamic and dimensional than that, and there are more similarities than differences with respect to how we can release the insecurity that belies insecure attachment.

There is also some neurological research which suggests we may have a genetic predisposition towards a particular style, which is basically the same thing as saying, “temperament + social conditioning = attachment style.” Or said another way, “nature + nurture= how we love our partners.”

This is not really a new concept, we have just found better ways of explaining it.

Seeing our temperaments, or our genetic inheritance, explained with images of the brain helps us to draw lines around the “what” that we may be experiencing, but not necessarily the “why” of it.

I am not only referring to the ‘whys’ that take us on a treasure hunt into the past, but rather the ‘why’ of the here-and-now: “Why am I experiencing this, now? What does it all mean, in the broader context of my life?”

Neuroscientists say, “neurons that fire together, wire together,” its as simple as that. We repeat what we know, like a broken record. Psychodynamic theorists like to be more poetic about it: we want to relive, in the hopes of revising, old wounds.

But what part of us hopes?

And that is how attachment leads us to expanding into conscious relationships. Because consciousness is all about assuming an observer position in the internal world, as much as the external one.

But most of us persist with an external orientation, until something cataclysmic happens in our lives, which forces us to take a personal inventory. And nothing forces our hand in such a way, like heartbreak.

To learn more, watch the interview!


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(P.S. Replays will be made available)


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